Benefits of Membership

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Since its inception over 40 years ago, the Mexican American School Board Members Association (MASBA), has worked hard to ensure quality education is available to all Texas students, an increase in parental and community participation in public education issues and policies, closing the student achievement gap, equitable school financing, decreasing the high school dropout rate, and increasing college/university attendance by high school students.  These are objectives on which MASBA is focused and provides assistance and training to its members.

In addition, MASBA’s priorities include the following work and efforts:
  • To create, develop, and foster ideas, methodology, and strategy which will empower and assist school board members to promote relevant and coherent curriculum for their districts.
  • To provide leadership support for the growing number of school board members in districts in which Mexican American/Latino students comprise a high and/or majority percentage of the student population; in order to ensure cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • To ensure proactive awareness that local, state, and national public school policies and programs provide support aimed at building and sustaining a modern public education system which also reflects and is sensitive to the growing Mexican American/Latino student enrollment.
  • To ensure that the MASBA Annual Conference and other periodic learning sessions, provide leadership training, school board governance training, and relevant public school and education policy training, which will equip board members and administrators with the knowledge, skills, and ability to make decisions which are in the best interest of their districts and students.
  • To provide a forum and opportunity for school board members and districts to introduce and advance policy and program recommendations and resolutions which have a positive impact on public education, which MASBA may pursue through its networks, alliances, and legislative agenda.
Given the exponential growth of Mexican American/Latino students in our Texas public schools, which is already over 50% and even higher in many districts, it is imperative to address the educational needs of this student population.

MASBA membership allows your entire board and superintendent to attend all of our TEA recognized CEC sessions at the Annual Conference with no additional fees. And your membership allows you access and participation to MASBA events throughout each calendar school year including the MASBA Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration held during TASA/TASB, and the MASBA Summer Receptions held during TASB SLI South & North.

Advocating Quality Education for Over 40 Years