Frequently Asked Questions

What is MASBA?

MASBA is the acronym for the Mexican American School Board Members Association, a 501c3 non-profit organization, established in the 1970’s, whose mission is to advocate top quality public education for ALL the children of Texas.

Who are MASBA’s members?

MASBA members are Texas Independent and Consolidated School Districts, their school board trustees and administrators, Education Service Centers (ESC), their directors and board members, colleges and universities; organizations involved in education, private and public companies, and private individuals.

Who can serve as a MASBA officer and/or board member?

Only individuals who are members of the organization and who are currently serving on the school boards of their respective school districts, or members of the ESC boards.

What does MASBA do?

MASBA is an advocate for top quality education for ALL school children of Texas. It also provides a forum for its members to exchange ideas, concerns, resolutions, recommendations, and other communications. It provides continuing education to Texas school board trustees. MASBA hosts an annual conference each January that features prominent presenters on a variety of issues and topics that school districts and their school boards face. MASBA also participates in several regional conferences, such as the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Summer Leadership Insitute, TASB annual convention and conference, and the ESC Region 1 conference as a program presenter of current topics. Additionally, MASBA partners with other organizations in school equity, student development, and school board trustee development. The organizations include the Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA), the Border Literacy Initiative (BLI), Texas Latino Education Coalition (TLEC), Hispanic Border Leadership Imitative (HBLI), and the National Education Institute (NELI).

Do MASBA programs qualify for mandatory training credits for school board trustees?

Yes. MASBA is an approved training provider for the Texas Education Agency (TEA). School board trustees that attend MASBA programs are credited with training hours that may be registered with TEA as part of their required hours.

How is MASBA funded?

MASBA members pay annual dues that fund the general operation of the organization. Additional revenue is generated from the registrations of its annual conference. Donations are accepted from corporate sponsors and other organizations for receptions and special events that are held in conjunction with conferences.

Does MASBA participate in political races or events?

MASBA is non-partisan and does not endorse nor supports individual political candidates or parties.