Special Projects

Learn about MASBA's exciting projects throughout the state.

N.E.E.A.D. Training Initiative

Through the years, MASBA has strived to provide the best, most relevant, valuable, and useful training and information possible. Heretofore, the information obtained in order to structure our conferences and training sessions, has been mostly through verbal and informal discussions, feedback, and input. Going forward, we would like to start the process of conducting surveys, questionnaires, and essentially a more formal and systematic method of obtaining information and assessing training needs.

Deadline: October 31, 2015

Survey is open to all school board members, superintendents, facility managers and financial managers. You do not have to be a MASBA member to participate.

The Mexican American School Board Association (MASBA) stands up for economically disadvantaged, at risk, and ELL students.

MASBA is a proactive organization which will fight for the best interest of children, ensuring public education is available to all. Inclusive in this right to education is support of the state's economically disadvantaged, at-risk and English Language Learner (ELL) students.


Tejano History Project

MASBA has lobbied the state legislature to include more information in the history books about the impact of Tejanos and Mexican-Americans in the development of the state and nation. MASBA is working on a curriculum on this matter. During the past year, MASBA has made morethan 100 presentations throughout the state. MASBA also has an exhibit available for display at public schools at libraries and other locations.

UIL Mariachi Project

In 2007 & 2008, MASBA worked vigorously with the UIL (University Interscholastic League) to ensure "Mariachi" would be a recognized event at the high school level. In January 2009, MASBA hosted the very first ever Texas State Mariachi High School Championship in San Antonio with 11 original schools participating. Over the years since, MASBA worked tirelessly, increasing the number of school district participation and continued its effort to work with the UIL, ensuring Mariachi's place as a recognized event. In 2015, MASBA achieved its goal with the UIL announcing the recognition of Mariachi as a sanctioned state event.