Steering Committees

Program and Members Services Committee

Duties: (1) monitor, analyze and provide reports on current programs and services, (2) review, analyze and recommend new programs and services, (3) develop and coordinate recognition and awards programs, (4) coordinate planning for annual meeting, (5) prepare recommendations for the board, (6)participate in other activities with policies adopted.

Membership and Recruitment Committee

Duties: (1) monitor current association memberships, (2) actively seek out new programs and incentives to attract new members, (3) monitor payments of dues, (4) review, analyze and recommend on state of membership and recruitment, (5) prepare recommendations, (6) participate in other activities.

Bylaws and Resolutions Committee

Duties: (1) recommend any proposed changes in the beliefs of the association, (2) coordinate and review all resolutions submitted, (3) study and recommend proposed polices or changes to to existing polices.

Planning and Development Committee

Duties: (1) review, analyze and recommend new programs and services, (2) review and analyze and recommend building and equipment needs, (3) review, update and report on goals and priorities, (4) monitor development of enhanced programs and services, (5) review the evaluation of existing programs and services, (6) monitor and evaluate the association's relationship with other associations and entities, (7) review and coordinate the activities of the board and its committees.

Nominations Committee

Duties: (1) The committee should meet by Oct. 31 before the annual Member Assembly and shall nominate one or more candidates for each office and trustee position to be filled and report to the president and executive director, (2) at least 30 days before the Member Assembly, or as soon thereafter as practical, the Ex. Dir. shall provide Active and Individual Members with the committee's slate of nominees for each office and trustee position along with pertinent biographical info for each nominee, (3) prepare an official ballot.

Funding, Budget and Finance Committee